Pups Available 7/28/18

Teddy Bear & Farley's litter born 6/2/18. There are three males and one female.

  1. Miss Purple - Sold
  2. Mr. Green - Sold
  3. Mr. Orange - Sold
  4. Mr. Red - Sold


Week Seven Photos - 7/13/18

Puppies are over 15 pounds! They are growing fast. They are very playful and continue developing their own adorable personalities.

They are on solid puppy food now giving Teddy Bear a much needed break.

Puppies are running, tumbling and playing with each other and their older Aunties.

Puppies are all enjoying their new found freedom in the yard. They are doing very well with their potty training.

They are love bugs and love to be held and cuddled.  Two male pups available below to go to their forever loving homes in two weeks.


Mr. Red - 15 lbs. Loves to get everyone playing and loves the water.


Mr. Orange - 15 lbs.  Loves to play in the water and chases his brothers and sisters around the yard.

Group Shot - Time To Eat. Service I need room service please.




We will continually update our Blog with pictures of our adorable pack family and our litters of puppies on a weekly basis.

We will be adding educational and nutritional information recommendations, training tips and videos along with fun facts, happenings and events.

Chris is an amazing chef and will be adding recipes to the blog for all fur babies and their parents.

Enjoy our picture gallery and reach out to us with any questions or requests you may have.

Thank you for visiting.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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